Jules Camille Huvig has a degree in computer-generated imagery and began his career as a visual artist with the Nie Wiem theater company, creating digital scenography.

In 2017, after attending the Rencontres Audiovisuelles video-mapping training course and taking part in a workshop with Romain Tardy, he joined Loom Prod as a video mapping artist.

From location scouting to writing, from production to event, Jules has a complete understanding of the production chain. As an artist, he has taken part in international festivals such as Bright Brussels, Skopje Light Art District and Light Night Leeds.

He has also taken part in audiovisual performances with pianist and composer Géraldine Kwik.

He runs training courses and video mapping workshops with the Institut français de Rangoun in Burma, the Beaux Arts de Tetouan in Morocco, Antigua Viva in Guatemala and others.